Jim Day 8

Struggling today with food choices. Nothing sounds good nothing seems to satisfy. I'm hoping it's nothing more than some lingering desire to stuff my face with junk. I've struggled with food most of my adult life, over consuming...eating until I'm beyond stuffed. Like a Thanksgiving meal just every day, that feeling of pure misery yet you want just one more bite. Surprisingly, right now I do not have any cravings for sweets, it's more for things like cheese, maybe noodles or some beef tips with rice. I know this feeling is temporary and I know it will pass. It has to, I only want to move forward with progress! I'm working to meet a goal not only for me yet for my family as well!

I remember not to long back when I use to say things like, "why diet? I want to experience life!" My thought was enjoy everything in life while I can; yet everything in life is not binge eating or getting depressed and stuffing my face. That's the way I've operated in the past and I'm stepping away from all that. Right now I'm pep talking myself if you haven't noticed...I think I've done a pretty good job or at least gotten everything off my chest!