Day 7 Woes

It's the end of Day 7. I can't wait to relax in a hot tub filled with hot water and epsom salt. Today was hard. The workout was intense but I believe my mind was the biggest source of my problem.

I've heard many times that so much of "our strengths and weaknesses begin in our minds". I didn't even realized the extent of truth in the above statement. However today was a battle of will for me. Will I sleep in and not go? Will I press through a short distance run? Will I survive a walk with a 50lb ball? Will I finish the last burpee? Will I be defeated?

Spoiler alert I, along with 3 amazing people, completed Day 7. We completed the day because of the Joy set before us. We recognized that each day completed is a step closer to achieving our goals which are better health, weightloss, endurance, stability, and longevity. The Joy before us includes living.

Day 7 woes are facing the harsh reality that being overweight has kept me from living. It has kept me from achieving milestones such as running a race for charity. It has kept me from wanting to be asked out to dinner and yet caused me to reward myself with food.

But today, Day 7, begun to break down the ice of my heart concerning my weight. Today I was able to run a few short so sprints. Today I completed the last 15 burpees along with some help from my friends. Today I carried a 50lb ball a short distance. Today I realized I wasn't alone in this journey. Today coming in last no longer means I am a failure. It means I endured. I went to the end.

The woes of Day 7 was a battle of my Will.

Will I finish the race? 

Yes, I WILL, so bring on Day 8!