Jim's Week 1

Awesome week! I really stayed strong in my resolve to follow the diet Kelly has outlined for us. It is a little vague yet if we ask he informs us. He has given a link to several menu items and my wife has taken it on herself to help me in my endeavor to eat better and support me completely! I had NO intention on stepping on a scale any time soon yet Kelly wanted us to see where we were at the end of week 1 and I have lost 8 lbs. More importantly as the week has progressed I found myself having to keep pulling up my pants as I walked around work.

I am feeling SO much better and have SO much energy after these last 5 days. Saturday and Sunday (today) I have found myself a little bit hyper as we have not worked out since Friday morning!

So let's talk about pain...Friday I started having "T-Rex" syndrome. I was unable to extend my arms completely straight away from my body! I initially was worried about the pain and Kelly said you need to rest and recuperate and he was right. I did add a little pampering to the end of the week and had a 60 minute massage on Saturday. It was one of the most painful massages I have had in my life but every time the therapist made a pass over a muscle group and got those knots out it was such a relieve and today I feel so much better.

My big concern is the tenderness in the pit of my elbow where the bicep attaches. I am concerned if I train to hard to fast that I will pull something and this would set me back several weeks. I am going to trust Kelly, the results this week have been phenomenal and I know he wants to see us succeed!

I really appreciate the encouragement of everyone at the gym, Kelly puts us in with some of the other groups and instead of making us feel like pariah, or incompetent twits, they step over and pause what they are doing to offer guidance or demonstrate an exercise. It is MUCH appreciated!

So tomorrow makes the beginning of week two!! I am excited and ready to see what gains we make!!