Jim Day 8

Struggling today with food choices. Nothing sounds good nothing seems to satisfy. I'm hoping it's nothing more than some lingering desire to stuff my face with junk. I've struggled with food most of my adult life, over consuming...eating until I'm beyond stuffed. Like a Thanksgiving meal just every day, that feeling of pure misery yet you want just one more bite. Surprisingly, right now I do not have any cravings for sweets, it's more for things like cheese, maybe noodles or some beef tips with rice. I know this feeling is temporary and I know it will pass. It has to, I only want to move forward with progress! I'm working to meet a goal not only for me yet for my family as well!

I remember not to long back when I use to say things like, "why diet? I want to experience life!" My thought was enjoy everything in life while I can; yet everything in life is not binge eating or getting depressed and stuffing my face. That's the way I've operated in the past and I'm stepping away from all that. Right now I'm pep talking myself if you haven't noticed...I think I've done a pretty good job or at least gotten everything off my chest!

Jim Day 7

Today was the first time that I felt a little drained, at least at work. I've had some form of energy high since we started last Monday yet today I found myself dragging. I have learned I get a little "low" feeling if I don't eat something every few hours. My overall soreness is eased up yet of course I feel the strain from the tire drag today! It really feels good to be active, I've had a lot more energy around the house and have felt the urge to finish some of the projects I have left uncompleted. Kelly is a very encouraging soul, I've served and had the military style of "encouragement" and that's not what I need these days. I need guidance and I need the direction that he is encouraging us to head in. I'm ready for bed tonight!

Day 7 Woes

It's the end of Day 7. I can't wait to relax in a hot tub filled with hot water and epsom salt. Today was hard. The workout was intense but I believe my mind was the biggest source of my problem.

I've heard many times that so much of "our strengths and weaknesses begin in our minds". I didn't even realized the extent of truth in the above statement. However today was a battle of will for me. Will I sleep in and not go? Will I press through a short distance run? Will I survive a walk with a 50lb ball? Will I finish the last burpee? Will I be defeated?

Spoiler alert I, along with 3 amazing people, completed Day 7. We completed the day because of the Joy set before us. We recognized that each day completed is a step closer to achieving our goals which are better health, weightloss, endurance, stability, and longevity. The Joy before us includes living.

Day 7 woes are facing the harsh reality that being overweight has kept me from living. It has kept me from achieving milestones such as running a race for charity. It has kept me from wanting to be asked out to dinner and yet caused me to reward myself with food.

But today, Day 7, begun to break down the ice of my heart concerning my weight. Today I was able to run a few short so sprints. Today I completed the last 15 burpees along with some help from my friends. Today I carried a 50lb ball a short distance. Today I realized I wasn't alone in this journey. Today coming in last no longer means I am a failure. It means I endured. I went to the end.

The woes of Day 7 was a battle of my Will.

Will I finish the race? 

Yes, I WILL, so bring on Day 8!

Paleo (I hope!) Trail mix

Paleo (I hope!) Trail mix

This is a really great way that I have overcome that sweet tooth and snacking issue I have!

2 - 12 oz Organic halves & pieces walnuts

2 - 16 oz Whole Almonds (I looked for organic...didn't find any)

3 - 5 oz Organic Cranberries (contains Organic Cranberries, concentrate organic apple juice, sunflower seed oil)

I took 1 bag of walnuts, 1 bag of almonds, and 1 1/2 bags of cranberries and poured them into a gallon size zip lock bag and shook them up. Portion them out into smaller snack size zip lock bags and a perfect snack on the go. This mixture really curbs my hunger and that desires to stuff my face.

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Jim's Week 1

Awesome week! I really stayed strong in my resolve to follow the diet Kelly has outlined for us. It is a little vague yet if we ask he informs us. He has given a link to several menu items and my wife has taken it on herself to help me in my endeavor to eat better and support me completely! I had NO intention on stepping on a scale any time soon yet Kelly wanted us to see where we were at the end of week 1 and I have lost 8 lbs. More importantly as the week has progressed I found myself having to keep pulling up my pants as I walked around work.

I am feeling SO much better and have SO much energy after these last 5 days. Saturday and Sunday (today) I have found myself a little bit hyper as we have not worked out since Friday morning!

So let's talk about pain...Friday I started having "T-Rex" syndrome. I was unable to extend my arms completely straight away from my body! I initially was worried about the pain and Kelly said you need to rest and recuperate and he was right. I did add a little pampering to the end of the week and had a 60 minute massage on Saturday. It was one of the most painful massages I have had in my life but every time the therapist made a pass over a muscle group and got those knots out it was such a relieve and today I feel so much better.

My big concern is the tenderness in the pit of my elbow where the bicep attaches. I am concerned if I train to hard to fast that I will pull something and this would set me back several weeks. I am going to trust Kelly, the results this week have been phenomenal and I know he wants to see us succeed!

I really appreciate the encouragement of everyone at the gym, Kelly puts us in with some of the other groups and instead of making us feel like pariah, or incompetent twits, they step over and pause what they are doing to offer guidance or demonstrate an exercise. It is MUCH appreciated!

So tomorrow makes the beginning of week two!! I am excited and ready to see what gains we make!!

Week 1 Janis

Oh my word, week 1 is done. Honestly, I'm not quite sure if I thought I could do it after Tuesday. I was sore and walked extremely slow. The encouragement has been remarkable. Gyms can feel imitatidating especially when these people are hard core athletics. Ha! Athletes. Kelly use that word to describe us earlier this week.  

We laughed. I thought I am not an athlete. I have a long way to go to become an athlete but I decided to look up the definition of an athlete. An athlete according to Webster is " a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina". Well, by this definition we are athletics. Right now I create a daily goal of attempting and succeeding at one workout a day. Each day we (the motivated four) are building stamina and agility. Each day we are becoming stronger to complete life's race.

So the encouragement we received from each of you means so much more because it provides the soft drive to endure the day. Even more so from the J19 gym attendees  provides us with a sense of belonging. It is more than "good job" in the moment but a "you are an athlete" you belong here. You are apart of our team.

Goal is to complete week two!

Robyn Week 1

After week 1 I am feeling proud of myself. I made it to every 6am class. I pushed through and I am so glad I have been given this opportunity. Friday came quickly and I was excited to get on the scale to see my progress. I stepped on and got my results and boom....I was just in disbelief. I gained 2 pounds. Emotionally I was just disappointed and it was an awful feeling. I Had to shake it off and remind myself that it is just Week 1. I'm going to stay positive and push forward. Those 2 pounds are not going to weigh me down. I'm ready for week 2 and I'm gonna work on stepping it up a notch. 

Jim Day 1

Couldn't have asked for a better first day! Working out while tiring was what I needed. It gave me energy for the entire day. Normally it's like my body wants to take naps throughout the day yet it was like my body needed that exercise to get started. I'm hoping this is still the case on Day 2!


Breakfast at 7:40

3 boiled eggs

4 pieces bacon

1 bottled water 16.9 oz


10:00 snack

Handful of

  • roasted and salted pistachios
  • Roasted and salted almonds

23.7 oz bottled water


1:35 lunch

8 ounces grilled chicken Tazikis

Small roasted potatoes 



7:20 Dinner 

Steamed shrimp






100 Pound Weight Loss Challenge Purpose

The purpose of this challenge is to help and document the process in which an individual would lose 100 pounds of body weight.  The candidates must first qualify for this challenge.  Some candidates may still not lose 100 pounds because their body type won't safely and healthfully do it. 

This challenge will last one year and will be documented daily by participants and coaches. 

Our goal is to inspire hope in individuals to pursue the benefits of fitness. To set off a chain reaction of people that choose to get fit.